Founded in 1942, with vision entailed creating a company that would be at the forefront of pioneering solutions that help fabricate the future of Sri Lanka.



Instrumental to its success over the years has been the company’s vision and confidence in pushing the frontiers of responsible operatorship along with the support of government authorities, in order to deliver a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to the construction industry. Today, WAPCO are the undisputed leaders of aggregates with a supply of over 1.4 million Tonnes of Aggregates annually.



WAPCO is the first quarrying and crushing company to be accredited with the ISO quality standards and specifications. Their unwavering commitment to staying ahead of their competition means that the company adheres to international standards of service.

  • ¾’’ Single Metal
  • ¾’’ Mix Metal
  • ½’’ Metal
  • 1 ½’’ Metal
  • ABC
  • Quarry Dust

Holding the largest crushing site in the Western Province with a production capacity of 1200 Cubes per day, the company guarantees uninterrupted, timely and accurate supply of Aggregates. WAPCO is strategically located within close proximity to Colombo, ensuring seamless flow of goods and a large fleet of lorries at their disposal allows them to

Certified Weighbridges – Current industry standards measure quantity by volume. WAPCO however, in line with international standards of practice, quantify by weight, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Measurements take into account the water content in the products, thus providing a more trusted service, paving the way and setting the benchmark for the continuous development of the industry.