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Green Quarry

The quarry and crusher industry worldwide is a demanding operation with impacts on the environment and the surrounding neighbourhood. There is more pressure on the operators to not only deliver but also to adhere to the standards set by the relevant authorities. As the leading quarry and crusher operator in Sri Lanka we strive everyday to be a responsible operator and to set the benchmark for the industry in Sri Lanka.

In addition to the standards set by the authorities we have established some guidelines of our own to ensure that our quarries and offices are operated in an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manner.

  • The frequency of blasting has been rationalized and reduced.
  • Crusher operations are limited to working hours only, avoiding night time and Sunday operations.
  • The number of Access Roads in use by quarry equipment and personnel has been rationalized and reduced and water trucks regularly spray the access roads in our sites.
  • All Roadways and Working Areas are regularly sprayed using a sprinkler system. We collect runoff storm water and our sites are self-sufficient in water requirements.
  • The Crushing Plants have been fitted with Water Spray Suppression System to prevent dust escaping during production.
  • Screens and Conveyors in the Crushing Plant have been covered and / or enclosed, where possible, to prevent dust escaping.
  • A tall noise-encapsulating wall has been erected near the Crusher in Arangala to minimize disturbance to local residents and the surrounding habitat.
  • Maintain constant open dialogues with our neighbours to ensure their concerns are addressed.
  • A tree planting schedule is in place at all our sites, which act as visual and dust barriers. A total of 2590 native trees have been planted since 2009 on the boundaries of the quarries and still continues.
  • All the paper used in Head Office is reused and recycled.