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W. A. PERERA & CO. LTD. carrying the brand name WAPCO, have maintained successful

quarrying and aggregate crushing operations in Sri Lanka for over 6 decades. This shows the commitment to our customers, our employees & the people of Sri Lanka.


We produce and sell high quality aggregate material to the construction industry in Sri Lanka operating predominantly in the Western Province. Various sizes of aggregates are available for different uses. With capabilities for the production of concreting and road stone aggregates, W. A. PERERA & CO. LTD. has emerged as the leading name in quarrying and aggregate crushing.


Our reputation for Quality of product, Environmental awareness and Customer focus will keep us at the forefront of quarrying operations in Sri Lanka as we progress through the 21st century.

Text Box: Vision Statement
To be the leading provider of aggregates & aggregate-based products in Sri Lanka for the
construction Industry.

Mission Statement
To be a responsible operator
providing top quality aggregate products
at the right quantity & price 
within stipulated timelines to our 
valued customers.

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